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Son in BLUE

My son told me that he always wanted to be a police officer. It was a heartwarming and heartbreaking revelation because I felt that somehow I missed my opportunity to support his aspirations as a small child. Where were my thoughts during that time? How could I have missed my little boy’s dreams of being a “policeman”? Was I too focused on my own philosophy of “black man didn’t need any problems that a gun would bring…”? I shake my head today because this same little guy, my son, couldn’t have been clearer as he seamlessly journeyed through his youth and early adult life as an absolutely wonderful son, student, athlete, citizen and husband. He even graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice for goodness sakes and I still didn’t “get it”. He was passionate about the prospective work and was focused on a career of service to communities.

As a mother, you tend to reflect on moments in your child’s life where you could have done things differently and/or better. This is my moment with my son who chose law enforcement. After more than 15 years of honorable service, he maintains a passion for the work and remains an incredibly wonderful son, citizen and husband.

As a mother, we should always want our children to be passionate about life and their chosen career path despite the risks. I am so happy that my son chose this path. I will NEVER, EVER again miss the opportunity to support my Black son’s dream to continue to honorably “Serve and Protect” because I am a MOM(S) of BOTH.

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