Brother To Brother

The video was indisputable. George (Floyd) was brazenly murdered in broad daylight in front of several people. He cried out to his dead mother as he approached death and while taking his final breath. I tried to reconcile his cry out to that of a child running towards his/her mother for comfort or excitement at seeing her face. It briefly helped me resolve the pain and senselessness of his murder.

But this man had a small child on this earth. A child who loved him when the world didn’t. A child who would never again feel the comfort of his embrace. He did not make this decision for himself, someone else did. Someone who took an oath of office and who was able to make the decision for himself to go home to his family tonight.

My sons, one a sworn officer but BOTH black men, were mad as hell. An UPRISING was in order. Not a rally, not a so called riot and certainly not just a march. We needed to UPRISE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Enough was damn enough.

I tried to provide sage advice to all three of my children during that difficult time (see text message below) because we are MOM(S) of BOTH.

But first, the boys took refuge in each other…

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